We’re pleased to release the first products & services from our new Los Angeles, California, USA POP, based in the “Core of the Internet” at the 1 Wilshire Data Centre skyscraper in Los Angeles city. This POP is connected via multiple fibre-based uplinks to various Internet backbones and also has a ‘private’ link over the Pacific Ocean back to our main Australian POP in the Equinix Data Centre in Mascot, Sydney, Australia.
ie: It’s a high-quality POP in LA, able to provide a unique range of services and capabilities for Network Presence and its current Australian customer base.

The first US based product for Network Presence is our “US VPN” product in our new Shopfront site at Network Presence Shopfront
This VPN delivers you to the Internet from our Los Angeles network and has a large monthly network data traffic quota at a great price.

Our first VPS range of products from Los Angeles is our Network Presence KVM US OpenVZ VPS Plans.

Crucially for the Australian customers of Network Presence, this new LA POP provides us with excellent redundancy for your Internet services and sites and this completes the Infrastructure Project mentioned regarding the demise of our Canberra POPin Australia in 2014.

We’ll be releasing more products from our new LA POP shortly, but our US VPN and KVM based VPS products are ready and available for ordering now.


Friday, August 7, 2015

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